"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates

George Turner Sketch.jpg

           Depending upon the scope of an investigation HSPP may or may not divide into teams. Bell Grove was one such investigation that required us to divide into two teams. The following evidence was taken during team A’s first block investigation. Team A, led by Lead Investigator Allen Rex and comprised of HSPP members Laurissa Rex, Michelle Gerhardt and Matthew Fagan investigated the main floor of Belle Grove Mansion from approximately 8:30 pm until 10 pm. The main floor was comprised of the dining room, the parlor, the grand hall and the two smaller bedrooms. The main floor also comprised of the host’s quarters which had the original manor’s winter kitchen and their sleeping quarters, which we were not privy to investigate. Regardless of the modest size of the main floor this did little in the way of deterring any paranormal activity.


          Laurissa, the team's Medium, immediately encountered many of the main entities upon arrival the day prior. One entity, however, seemed determined to make himself her main suitor during the investigation. Mr. George Turner, one time owner of Belle Grove, visited Laurissa on February 4th at the Rex home. Unbeknownst to Laurissa at the time, who goes into every investigation with as little information as possible, this spirit appeared in her kitchen attempting to communicate. As is common with psychics, spirits will often know when a psychic is coming to a locale and will attempt communication prior to the visit. George was no exception. In anticipation of the visit and to prove her premonition Laurissa described the encounter to Samara, another HSPP member, Psychic Medium and resident artist. Samara then sketched George. At the time George was not named. Upon arrival, Allen and Laurissa were checked into none other than the “Turner suite”, named after the Turners themselves. Georges picture adorned the cover of the hotel binder in the room and upon comparison to the sketch done by Samara the similarities are enough to say George is who visited Laurissa at the Rex home. Laurissa also is confident George is her visitor.

George is an amicable spirit who can be slightly amorous and flirty and he took a liking to Laurissa, as well as other guests, following her about the investigation whenever possible. Here is photographic evidence of George. In the first picture, taken by motion camera, you can see Laurissa’s legs as she walks by the camera. In the second photo, there are two ghostly white legs that appear to walk by after her.

before ghost.jpg
after ghost .jpg

          Between the hours of 12 am and 2 am on the 7th of February, HSPP continued its investigation at Belle Grove by combining Team A and Team B.  The investigation led by Lead Investigator Allen Rex and Co-Lead Investigator Rachel Moser continued in the basement, which included the summer kitchen of the manor.  The basement is a known hot spot and it did not disappoint.  A few experiments were underway during the early hours of the morning.  One such experiment, known as the ghost box experiment,  is done in a particular manner to preserve the integrity of the experiment.  In the experiment, Rachel is given noise canceling headphones and sent into a separate area of the basement alone.  She is then plugged into an ITC device, such as a sweeping radio, where she can listen for white noise.  The team members in the other room are approximately 25 feet away. They ask random questions that Rachel cannot hear being asked.  The investigators present at this time were Michelle Gerhardt, Matthew Fagan, Kandice Norton and Nina Lyman in addition to Allen and Laurissa Rex.  The objective of the experiment is to see if the answers Rachel is giving, via the white noise messages, match up to any of the questions asked by investigators.  The sessions are recorded with the SLS (structured light sensor) camera system in addition to an EVP recorder.  The SLS will map spirits by detecting thermal and infrared changes in the atmosphere and converting them to kinetic energy.  The EVP recorder will detect electronic voice phenomenon.  All of these tools combined strongly support paranormal evidence by providing more than one piece of evidence in support of any claims we make.  The following clips are provided as evidence during the session.  

EVP "British" 

Immediately after Michelle asks "is that you Pam", a voice can be heard whispering "British." The oddity is that it seems to come in response to the question asked prior by Laurissa which happened to be "who is coming." 

          The Portal is a piece of equipment used by investigators in conjunction with a frequency sweeping radio. It allows entities to manipulate white noise for communication.  The portal itself filters out the excess noise allowing the communication to be more audible. During the session the team members asked questions and waited for communications to commence.  Unlike the typical communication we are used to where radio transmissions are often most noticeable, the sounds that erupted during the session mimicked the war cries of battle and the blast of weapons and canons.  It became apparent we were hearing the residual haunt of the battle of 1864. When asking questions to the effect of “who was the president” we heard the response “Lincoln".  We also asked what color the coats of the men fighting were and heard the shouts of men in unison against one another yell “red’ and “blue.”  When we asked who won the war we heard an ominous shouting of battle cries and the unifying yell of the word “us.”  Coupled with the EVP in a subsequent post of the ghost box experiment with Co-Lead Investigator Rachel Moser in the basement where we ask her who is coming and we hear a whisper on EVP say “British” (at 1:39) we have to believe there are layers of residual haunts here that echo the war cries of not only the infamous Civil War but also the Revolutionary War as well.

Here you can hear answers to questions such as "Lincoln" and "red" and "blue" being shouted over the rhetoric of war cries and explosions.

          This next clip takes place in the basement at Belle Grove mansion.  Investigator Matthew Fagan is operating the SLS (structured light sensor) camera.  He is speaking with Co-Lead Investigator Rachel Moser who joined our group during this portion of the investigation.  Rachel is operating the Ovilus which is an ITC device that uses radio waves and has a built in word bank that spirits can manipulate in order to communicate.  As Matthew speaks about the fireplace the Ovilus indicates words such as “touch the bright” and an entity appears on the SLS in front of the bright light and the fireplace.  The entity seems to be pointing to or attempting to touch the light.

          In the following footage Allen and Laurissa do a per-investigation sweep of the grounds on February 5th.  The next day the rest of the HSPP team will arrive to kick off the investigation.  Laurissa is sweeping the parlor in the first clip with the meters.  Allen is operating the SLS (structured light sensor) camera which maps infrared and thermal atmospheric changes into kinetic energy.  As she is walking past the piano she detects the presence of a spirit.  Allen confirms this through what only HE can see on the SLS.

          In this footage Laurissa detects the presence of children and servants during the pre-investigation sweep. This will be confirmed during the actual investigation through the evidence we collect. There is also an EVP at 1:33 where Laurissa says “we just want to talk.” There is an entity that can be heard saying in a low whisper “No!”

          In another clip Allen is filming without Laurissa present when an entity appears to him in the Turner suite. When Laurissa emerges from another room she indicates the presence of a spirit in the space. Laurissa has no knowledge of what had just transpired with Allen and what he has just filmed on the SLS.

Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

          In the following footage Laurissa is reading the space of the dining room which she swept with Allen Rex, Lead investigator, the night before.  She describes the previously detected children and the presence of a former slave.  The children described in this footage are later described by Nina Lyman in separate evidence collected.  Nina, an Investigator with Team B led by Rachel Moser, is also a Psychic and detected the children during their separate investigation of the space which took place between the hours of midnight and 2 am, when Team A was investigating the outside buildings and the caretakers cottage.  During the information exchange at midnight, Laurissa and Nina had a moment to talk about their readings.  

Psychic reading of dining room.

Psychic exchange between Laurissa and Nina about their dining room reading.

             This clip takes place in the Madison suite, one of the upstairs bedrooms and another paranormal hot spot at Belle Grove.  Allen, Team Leader for Team A, instructs Laurissa, team Psychic to read the space.  Matthew Fagan, who is operating the SLS (structured light sensor) camera, films Laurissa as she indicates she has detected a presence.  Investigators Nina Lyman and Michelle Gerhardt are also present.  A few moments after Laurissa indicates the presence of spirits she begins to detect there are children and then a motherly figure.  At the conclusion of the video Allen, who is seated on the bed, announces he feels a cold spot when suddenly the ATDD (automatic temperature deviation detection) on the Mel-meter, a device used to measure EMF changes in the atmosphere, sounds its alarm.  At this time Matthew announces a presence next to Allen on the bed as it is detected on the camera.

          This footage was taken in the break room off the library of the main floor. Investigator Michelle Gerhardt, also a Psychic and tarot card reader, is speaking with Team A leader Allen Rex about her experiences thus far in the evening and the impact the activity is having on her so far. During this exchange an entity appears on the SLS (structured light sensor) further exacerbating her psychic hangover symptoms.

The following clip took place in the outside buildings on the grounds known as the former slave quarters.  Team A investigated these grounds from midnight until approximately 2 am. While investigating the former slave quarters we conducted an EVP session in addition to the Yes/No game. We filmed these sessions with the SLS (structured light sensor) camera.  The structured light sensor camera detects changes in thermal and infrared heat and light signatures and then maps them into kinetic energy.  The session began with Laurissa Rex, the team Psychic,  opening up the lines of communication with the spirits.  In the first clip she can be seen detecting the presence and directing the camera to the presence to her left.  (It is important to note that the SLS camera films backwards so if the presence is located to her right it will appear on the left hand of your viewing screen.)    Investigator Matthew Fagan is operating the SLS while Lead Investigator Allen Rex and Investigator Michelle Gerhardt ask questions.  During the session Laurissa also detects a second female presence at her ankles.  

    The second video footage is of a Q and A session that takes place in the former slave quarters with a female entity.  As the team is leaving the quarters, Lead Investigator Allen Rex takes control of the SLS (structured light sensor) camera. There is discussion about the integrity of the mapping due to the presence of a mannequin.  However, all doubt is removed once the sleeves of the mannequin move.  This is not visible in the video.  However, the movement of the entity on the SLS in response to the questions is remarkable to even the most dubious of skeptics. 

In this video Laurissa detects a female companion crawling at her feet.  The ability to sense entities is known as clairsentience.  The ability to know things without a basis for that knowledge is called claircognizance.  Laurissa has both psychic abilities.

In this video Laurissa detects a male presence.

Team A communicates with a presence in the former slave quarters.  The intelligent entity responds by raising it's arm to answer questions.

            The following footage was streamed live in the caretakers cottage at Belle Grove mansion. This is currently one of the hotbeds of paranormal activity. HSPP Team A, led by Allen Rex along with Psychic Medium Laurissa Rex, Psychic Michelle Gerhardt and Investigator Matthew Fagan investigated the cottage from midnight until 2 am. During the investigation Matthew, who investigated for the first time ever, was given a lesson using dowsing rods. Dowsing rods are a tool often used in the detection of water sources. Psychics will often use them for metaphysical purposes. Dowsing rods are generally owner sensitive. Laurissa is the very protective about who uses hers. However, since Matthew is her first cousin she tested a theory to see if they would respond to his energy. They not only responded but they also detected a paranormal event in the caretakers cottage.


             During the investigation, Laurissa was immediately bombarded in the cottage with many entities that both belonged and did not belong to the property. This prompted her to believe the space may be either a vortex or a portal or a convergence of both. By definition, a vortex is a place where lines in the earth converge to create an immense amount of energy. This can feed into the psychic energy in a space giving rise to powerful spirits and thus activate paranormal phenomenon. A portal, by definition, is an area of energy convergence that spirits can pass through. The area of the hallway in the cottage is especially congested. Throughout the walk, all members of the team felt a heavy energy source in the hallway. On the SLS camera there is the appearance of two entities seemingly guarding both sides of the hallway. In front of the camera in the same footage you can see the K2 meter, which is used to measure electromagnetic energy (another sign paranormal presences), flashing to yellow and orange indicating a high and abnormal reading for the space. At another point in the footage you can hear Laurissa, who is in front of the camera and unable to see what appears on it, say she is being surrounded by spirits to include children; this occurs immediately after a small figure maps on the SLS indicating a child spirit.


            Prior to the live streaming Laurissa uses the dowsing rods to detect whether the hallway is in fact a portal. The dowsing rods indicate that it is. She hands the rods to Matthew to test out. Allen unwittingly steps in front of the hallway at this time which causes the rods to spin uncontrollably. When we realize Allen is blocking the hallway and ask him to move the rods straighten back out and face towards the hallway again. We test this out a few times over to see if this phenomenon holds true each time and it has a 100% success rate. This is inexplicable. Dowsing rods sit on a hinge and cannot be manipulated to spin as the hinge is gripped by the palm. They spin within the hinge.

Sensing the portal.

Laurissa uses the dowsing rods to find the portal.

Sensing the portal.

Sensing the portal.

Investigator Matthew Fagan using dowsing rods to locate a portal in the cottage house at Belle Grove Mansion. The extra footage can be seen at High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal Facebook page.

The following clip is taken in the downstairs area of the cottage during a tarot session conducted by Investigator Michelle Gerhardt. After the reading Michelle continued to shuffle the deck while Laurissa read the space. Matthew Fagan, operating the meters, detected a K2 reading going to red which indicates a high electromagnetic energy presence; also indicative of spirits. Laurissa during this time can be seen on camera pointing to an area off to the left. Team Leader Allen Rex is operating the SLS (structured light sensor) camera which then detects multiple entities in the vicinity of where Laurissa has detected them.

The next clip is taken on the SLS (structured light sensor) camera in the upstairs of the caretakers cottage.  Investigator Michelle Gerhardt is asking questions during an EVP session.  We have placed a flashlight on the floor in the hopes the spirit will turn it on.  The entity does not disappoint!

The following clip features an EVP.  An entity can be heard whispering a very low and breathy "Matt."

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