"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates

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The Waldorf Estate of Fear actually is a haunted attraction located in Lehighton.  It has traditionally been used as a haunted house during the Halloween season. However, the founders daughter, Samara Elliott, also an investigator and psychic medium was employed to do the m makeup for the scare actors in the fall of 2021.  After work one day Samara informed her parents that the location is in fact haunted.  This began a very prosperous relationship between the owner of the attraction Angela and HSPP as the location is in fact a paranormal hotbed.  Prior to the attraction opening for the season in 2021 Angie allowed HSPP to conduct an investigation.  The findings were so incredible ranging from full body apparitions to unbelievable  EVPs.  

This location is a gem in the Lehigh Valley and HSPP hosts several public investigations each year!  Click the link below for ticket information!  

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