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The Bath Exchange, a building built in 1853, once housed one of bath Pennsylvania's original hotels, the Slate Exchange Hotel. At 165 years old it is no wonder this location is haunted. In the 1990s the hotel became Kicker's Pub. The hotel closed in the 2000s, according to internet resources, but reopened in 2017 as the current establishment the Bath Exchange. TBE is owned and operated by Lauren and Chris of Northampton, PA. This very original, yet restored piece of architectural history is littered with murder, mayhem and mystery making it as eerie as it is charming. Throughout TBE’s lifetime there have been reports of eerie sounds and flickering lights in addition to patrons and employees reporting the apparition of a man in the basement. After the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society investigated in the 2010s Lauren became increasingly intrigued by the ongoing activity. On May 31st of 2021 High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal investigated after Lauren contacted us with reports of nosebleeds, increased sightings and employee complaints. 
             Two days prior to the investigation Allen and Laurissa Rex did a walk-through of the property in order to assess the best use of resources during the investigation. During that time Laurissa, the team's medium, sensed a man in the kitchen, several men in the front of the bar at the high-top tables and a very active and business-like female apparition who appeared to follow Lauren. 
            On the night of the investigation the following footage was taken. In addition to pictures of orbs, EVPs of dates, mens voices and dogs, and radio contact via the portal the team managed to utilize the newest technology known as the SLS to visually map apparitions. SLS, which stands for structured light sensor, takes infrared and thermal energy in the environment that we cannot see with the naked eye and maps it into kinetic energy. This allows us to see entities in real time. Other forms of equipment utilized were the digital camera, EVP recorder, the thermal imaging camera, the infrared digital camera, the portal radio, the bell jar, various motion sensors and trail cameras, and trigger objects. This is the first place HSPP has investigated where all forms of communication were successful. 
    The Bath Exchange, although haunted, remains a friendly environment with that Cheers-bar feel. The entities at the establishment are simply the most loyal of patrons and owners from decades past and invite you to come down and share a beer or a scare. They're eager, and likely, to provide both. — at The Bath Exchange.

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