"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates


Laurissa Rex is the one of the founders of HSPP. After serving in the US Army as an officer for almost 20 years , Laurissa retired to serve her community in other capacities. One of the ways she believes she can help others is through using her gift to help spirits and the living alike. She is a psychic medium who possesses all 5 psychic abilities. Despite this, her strongest are undoubtedly clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. Laurissa can also project herself into different time periods when reading a space and see things as they existed before or exist in another place. She also is very adept at practicing psychometry. Recently Laurissa has begun automatic writing and is expanding her awareness. Laurissa believes in the science of paranormal research as well as the metaphysical aspects. She relies upon the investigation team to aid her and other psychic mediums in corroborating readings with scientific evidence. She has an MBA and is also a mother to 4 children. 

Laurissa had her first paranormal experience at the age of 2. She saw a man outside her crib who coaxed her to climb out. That was the beginning of a lifetime of paranormal experiences. Her favorite place to investigate was Gabriel Daveis Tavern in NJ. The scariest locations she ever investigated were Andy Gavin’s pub and eatery and the Waldorf Estate of Fear. She hopes the team will be able to investigate overseas someday as a castle in England or Scotland would be her dream investigation. 

When she is not investigating, she travels to any place she hasn’t been before! She also enjoys writing, Zumba, and spending time with loved ones.


Allen Rex, co-founder of HSPP,  is a level headed USMC veteran and HSPP's Primary Lead Investigator.  Allen,  who often provides the brawn of the investigation,  is the first into every situation offering assessments and listening to Laurissa's reading of a space before deciphering the best use of equipment.  He ensures investigators are staying on task and have the tools needed to be successful.  He is also an adept and skilled craftsman who is known to build useful pieces of hardware to make the transport and  use of paranormal equipment easier for the team, along with strategically implementing a game plan heading into investigations.  His leadership is efficient, effective and often leads to a plethora of paranormal evidence.

Allen's favorite placesto investigate are at Trans Allegheny Asylum (Weston State Hospital) and the Waldorf Estate of Fear.  He had his most physical impact from an investigation at the Shanley Hotel.  Allen would love to investigate one day at Eastern State Penitentiary and Missouri State Penitentiary.

When Allen is not investigating, he is enjoying his day job and traveling wherever the path takes him.   He also likes many outdoor activities and watching his favorite sports teams.

Theo, Lead Investigator for HSPP,  never believed in ghosts until he came face to face with one. He has been a paranormal investigator for 32 years. He became interested in the paranormal because he was curious about what happens when you go to the “other side”. His first paranormal experience was when he was 10 and he saw his friend's uncle in her kitchen, only to find out he had passed three years earlier. His favorite place to investigate is Pennhurst State School, where he investigated with Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures. The location that scared him the most was The Waldorf Hotel, because he was attacked by a spirit that tried to attach itself to him. The top location on his wish list is the Skinwalker Ranch in Nevada. When Theo isn’t on investigations, you can find him spending time with his friends, reading or listening to music. Theo also like to spend time outdoors and with his brother Stephen.

Skye March , Lead Investigator, Podcast Director/Host as well as Social Media manager for HSPP, has 3 strong psychic abilities which are Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairaudience. Still learning the ropes; she practices with tarot, oracle and the pendulum. Her interest in the paranormal peaked at a very young age with her family owning a haunted business. Skye has previously worked in the medical and psychology/behavioral field; but has recently switched to education. She loves traveling and investigating with HSPP.

Marlena Beers, Lead Psychic and Senior Case Manager for HSPP, has been a paranormal investigator for a year. She is a psychic and chaos magician. She has been interested in the paranormal for years, ever since she saw a spirit floating above her when she was 9…her favourite place I she has investigated is Pennhurst. She loves making healing herbs and protective herbs, and on her days off you can find her researching different religions and herbs. Marlena also practices tarot.

Jason Beers, Investigator for HSPP,  has been investigating  less than a year.  He loves watching documentaries on hauntings and paranormal investigations.  Jason has  wanted to go on a paranormal investigation for as long as he can remember.  His hobbies include volunteer fire fighting , scaring the life out of people as a haunter,  and of course always loves to jump scare his family ,aka kids and wife.

Duckie Reese “Darkwing Duck”, Investigator for HSPP,  has been actively investigating since he was about 25 years old. He became interested in the paranormal when he had his first paranormal experience, in which he witnessed a full body apparition in his own home at the age of 17 and it has Intrigued him since then. His favorite place he has investigated is Pennhurst State School and Hospital, and it's also the place that made him the most scared on an investigation when he heard foot steps followed bg a steel door slamming against a wall multiple times. At the top of Duckie's wishlist for future investigations are Eastern State Penitentiary, Loretta Lynn Plantation and Poveglia. Aside from investigating, Duckie is a huge nerd and he loves collecting old/new video games and handheld games, and he wants to be a video game historian.

Loretta has been fascinated by all things paranormal after the death of her mom in 2001. She just couldn't grasp that her death was the absolute end of her life and looked for proof and signs that her energy, her soul still lives on. One day, sitting on her porch and mourning the loss of her mom, she asked for a clear sign that her mom was ok and could hear her and her request was answered. This brought comfort and closure to Loretta and soothed her aching heart. Loretta's favorite haunt is Pennhurst and she's looking forward to investigating the Murder House in Gettysburg.


She enjoys taking her dog to the dog park or lake everyday, spending time with her beautiful twin granddaughters and going to see live music acts at local venues.

Brittany , Investigator for HSPP, has been a paranormal investigator for a year. Having her own personal paranormal experiences is what spiked her interest in becoming a paranormal investigator. Brittany was nine years old when she had her first paranormal experience. She resided next to a funeral home and crematory and she would often see an apparition of a woman appear on the roof of her home, and would also see and hear shadows in her room. Her favorite place she has investigated is Pennhurt State School, and it was also the scariest investigation she's been on. The Winchester Mystery House is at the top of Brittany’s wish list for a future investigation. When Brittany is not investigating she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going for hikes, and going to concerts.

Keith Snyder, Investigator for HSPP and a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, has been actively investigating paranormal cases for over 5-years.  His interest in the paranormal reaches back to his earliest childhood. In fact, he performed his first investigation nearly 40-years ago.

Being a healthy skeptic, Keith stives to prove or disprove the existence of paranormal activity through the collection and analysis of audio and video evidence and real-time environmental measurements.  His goal is to draw a direct correlation between paranormal activity and measurable environmental changes.

Keith has extensive knowledge in paranormal theories, the basic laws of physics, and potential psychological, physical, and natural and man-made environmental explanations for alleged activity.  Keith has studied Demonology with a respected Demonologist, and has acquired a working knowledge of Occultic, Satanic and Witchcraft symbols and their meanings.

While he has a passion to explore the unknown, his greatest desire is to offer help to living / and or departed souls in need.  When not investigating, Keith enjoys time with his family and being outdoors.

Junior Investigators

Austin HSPPpic.jpg

Austin Rex is the son of the Rexes and he is a psychic sensitive with the gift of clairaudience and clairsentience. Austin is a high school student as well.  He is adept at technology and often helps Allen with building hardware for investigations, and is also our go to for radio operations.  He has investigated in Ohio, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.  When not investigating, Austin enjoys being part of his wrestling team, doing various outdoor activities, and hanging out with his friends.


Samara Elliott is a high school student.  She is a psychic medium and the Rexes daughter.  Samara has had paranormal experiences her entire life.  She is a sketch artist for HSPP and will often sketch the paranormal experiences of the team or the psychics  to lend additional credibility..  Samara has investigated in Ohio, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.


Michael  Elliott is  the family's younger son. He is an honor student with a high interest in all things technological. He plays basketball, baseball and football year round. He investigates with High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal when he is not engaged in school or sports. He is The  Junior Social Media Specialist and a Junior  Equipment Operator for the team. Michael does not share any of Laurissa's psychic abilities but he loves to experience the paranormal through interaction with the team! He also loves animals, video games and travel.  

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