"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates


Laurissa Rex is the founder of HSPP.  She is a psychic medium who possesses all 5  psychic abilities.  Despite this, her strongest are undoubtedly clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.  Laurissa can also project herself into different time periods when reading a space and see things as they existed before or exist in another place.  She also is very adept at practicing psychometry.  Recently Laurissa has begun automatic writing and scrying and is expanding her awareness .   After 16 years in the US Army serving as an Officer, Laurissa left to serve her community as an educator.  She currently works as a substitute teacher.  She is also a full time mother to 3 children and a step son.  Laurissa has a strong Catholic faith and believes God gave her this gift to help others on both sides of the veil and has vowed to continue servitude to him and this calling by using this gift in any way she can to ease the suffering of all souls and to rid what would otherwise be peaceful dwellings of malevolent entities.




Allen Rex, co-founder of HSPP,  is a level headed USMC veteran and HSPP Primary Lead Investigator.  Allen,  who often provides the brawn of the investigation,  is the first into every situation offering assessments and listening to Laurissa's reading of a space before deciphering the best use of equipment.  He is also an adept and skilled craftsman who is known to build useful pieces of hardware to make the transport and  use of paranormal equipment easier for the team, along with strategically implementing a game plan heading into investigations.  His leadership is efficient, effective and often leads to a plethora of paranormal evidence.

Rachel Moser is Secondary Lead Investigators at HSPP.  She has investigated various locations throughout Pennsylvania, including Pennhurst State School, Gettysburg, and Eastern State Penitentiary. She has had paranormal experiences throughout her life  that have led her down this path.   She has also taken up the reigns as team historian with primary responsibilities  ranging from gathering history on the location to tactical assessments of investigation techniques based upon historical perspectives and everything pertinent in between.  Her knowledge base is infinite and invaluable and often compliments the findings of the psychics and mediums offering validations during and after investigations.

Austin Rex is the son of the Rexes and he is a psychic sensitive with the gift of clairaudience and clairsentience. Austin is a high school student as well.  He is adept at technology and often helps Allen with building hardware for investigations, and is also our go to for radio operations.  He has investigated in Ohio, West Virgina and Pennsylvania.


Samara Elliott is a high school student.  She is a psychic medium and the Rexes daughter.  Samara has had paranormal experiences her entire life.  She is a sketch artist for HSPP and will often sketch the paranormal experiences of the team or the psychics  to lend additional credibility..  Samara has investigated in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Michelle Gerhardt is an Investigator with HSPP who brings her unique talent of tarot reading to the team. Michelle adds the valuable strenghts of  clairsentience and claireaudience to our team.  She is a US Army veteran who holds a Juris Doctorate.  She is  an objective, level-headed leader and a fearless investigator. 

Jay Haydt:  Alternate Lead Investigator


Bobby Lopez :  Master Sound Technician

Kandise Norton:  Investigator

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