"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates


Ghost Balls


In the following EVP, Kandise, Allen and Laurissa are joking around with the entity in the attic about ghost balls.  Ghost balls are a type of Rem-pod.  This is an object that lights up when manipulated by an entity, there is an EVP of an entity answering “Ayyyy” in a low whisper when Allen states “We know you are familiar with balls.”

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Big Boots


At OSR, the attic above the chapel is reported as an area of where females are often antagonized by being touched inappropriately.  In our case there were entities that tried to do the same.  Laurissa was able to immediately detect entities in the vicinity and one such did rush up with large, heavy boots.  Laurissa was able to see him as a fairly large and brooding man with a snarling, gnashing face and clenched teeth.  he was clearly agitated by our presence and attempted to intimidate us by rushing up quickly and pounding his boots so hard into the ground that fellow investigator Kandise who also reported she had "felt' it. 


 He was also detected on SLS in another video in this series.  The attic was where an overflow of prisoners who were mostly killers and rapists were sent during a time when another facility had burned down during the history of the prison.  These prisoners, due to overcrowding, were placed with nonviolent offenders, whom they tortured and murdered.  There is a lot of activity reported up there, especially towards females. 



Detecting the Attic Presence


During the investigation Laurissa sat in the attic detecting a presence that was frustrated he could not intimidate her and that she was able to detect him where he is otherwise able to elude most other visitors.  In the following scene Laurissa calls him out of hiding by announcing she knows his location and pinpoints it.

Getting thrown overboard!

In the following video clip Laurissa taps a board as she goes by it and Allen inquires as to the reason why.  Laurissa then goes on to elaborate about the entity that was thrown over after an argument with another inmate over cigarettes long ago!  Is he reenacting this nightmare or just hanging around?  Laurissa thinks this is an intelligent haunt as this entity is seen in prior video footage “jumping us just before hanging out over by this boarded up railing. 

Did we just get jumped?


In the following video there appears to be an entity attaching itself to Kandise’s back.  As this is occurring Laurissa is moving along the cell block and seeking out an entity she can clearly sense.  She starts to beckon for it to “come out.”  As she begins to feel she is getting closer to something it jumps off Kandise’s back as if to hide from further detection and then disappears.  At this point the video ends but Laurissa does report afterwards that she “lost” sense of the entity. 

Live stream of praying entity 

During the investigation we were able to live stream in the chapel.  During this time, we attempted to do an EVP session as well as a portal session.  While undergoing the EVP session an entity appeared lying on the prayer box in front of us.  At that time, we went live on Facebook.

In the following video as we are exiting the chapel you can catch a QUICK, but nonetheless chilling, glimpse of someone sitting in the end of a pew on the SLS! No one was there, and Allen did not see it when we were originally filming!

In the final EVP there is a bonechilling scream heard by Laurissa in real time that no other investigators hear until evidence review!

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