"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates

Would you like to discover one of the earliest settlements in the region and ALSO participate in a paranormal investigation on site?

About this event

Join High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal, LLC as we hike to the lost city of Lausanne. Established in the late 1700s, Lausanne had the potential of becoming a booming rail and coal town. However, flooding plagued the area and when it went up for sale, the asking price was too high. Since the rail and coal industry was starting to thrive more in surrounding areas the town was eventually abandoned. Now all that remains are ruins. Some stone structured houses, a post office and bridgetone steps to where the company houses were are just a few ruins left standing! There is also a cemetery that has yet to be discovered!

HSPP will take you on a hike through the wilderness to the ruins where we will conduct a paranormal investigation of the area. Lunch and transportation will be included. Hikers should prepare to meet at 7:00 am in order to sign waivers, receive their brown bag lunches and to be transported for a sharp start time of 8:00 am. Parking will be available off site in Jim Thorpe at the public lot. We will provide a shuttle service to the trail head. We guarantee you've never had an experience like this so come hike with us to the other side! Only 20 tickets available per date. Tickets include lunch and transportation. In the event of inclement weather, we will generate an option for another hike!

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