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All Things Come To Those Who Investigate

All Things Come To He Who Investigates

I’ve spent most of my life wondering if the visions that came to me were due to some kind of mental illness. It’s difficult growing up in a family where psychic abilities and paranormal activity was not a topic of conversation you could easily address. Being Catholic it was considered evil, so as you can imagine it wasn’t until very late in my life that I was able to embrace the psychic part of me and realize that what I was seeing was actually normal for those adorned with what is often referred to as a third eye. I’ve often heard other psychics refer to themselves as mediums and clairvoyants, etc. Honestly, I have no idea what I am. Often I say I am a medium. I guess I am. I can hear the dead. I can see them. I know they hear me. I can communicate via pictures they send me but the messages are so limited. It’s actually pretty odd because my abilities are strong in some ways but so incredibly limited in others.

I watch a lot of shows about the paranormal and I see teams spend weeks in locations and not get an inkling of the evidence my team can muster in hours. Investigating a space can be a hit or miss for most people without a team psychic or medium. I watch mediums such as Amy Allen and Chip Coffey who will no doubt be legends in our time and the way they can communicate far exceeds mine. However, my ability to draw spirits to a space and capture them through EVP, SLS and photographic evidence is unprecedented when I compare it to the evidence I have seen presented by teams on shows airing on TV for decades. So, I have to beg the question, why? Am I a beacon? Is this my super power? Why do they come to me and then give me half the message? Is there a way to strengthen my ability to communicate so I can get the whole message?

When I go into a space, I feel around the space and an often sense the presence of entities. Almost immediately images flood my mind of who the entities are, what they look like, where they have been. Sometimes, I can “step into” another time period by closing my eyes and opening up my mind and I see somewhere as it existed before. Often times I hear voices that are not heard by others on our team. This is usually validated later on by our equipment which will capture corresponding EVPs. Sometimes I can even touch an object and "read" something about it.

I don’t know where investigating will take me in the future but I find the more I do it the stronger I become and the more validation I get that I am not, in fact, crazy. All things do in fact come to those who investigate and sometimes they come in the form of visions from the other side.

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