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Investigation Prep. What does a Primary Lead Investigator do to prepare their team for an upcoming investigation? One item to consider is your approach to take based on the space layout. What do I mean...what does the space look like as far as number of floors, square footage, and are there separate buildings to investigate. It's important to know your layout in advance of an investigation, and sharing your findings and expectations with your team.

The square footage can determine how many teams you may need to split your group into. (Coming up in future blogs I'll share the importance of splitting into teams.) The layout helps determine group size needed to investigate a space. Our team is 11 strong, if we have a 2000 square foot space, for example, with rooms close to each other or on the same floor, we don't need full team representation to investigate that space. What can come into play with having a space 2000 square feet is the number of floors associated. If we can clearly have a team on each of the floors, not interrupt each other with noise disturbance, then it may be a consideration of 2 vs 1 team.

Having separate buildings provides you an ideal situation and is one of my favorites to plan for. This truly gives you the opportunity to split into teams and investigate areas at separate times. Remember, anytime you can have more than 1 team doing an investigation it presents different aspects of evidence and experiments each team can conduct during their sessions. When you are conducting the rotation switch for those buildings it's important to conduct a brief 10-15 minutes session to share best practices of what worked in the space you're coming from with the team heading into that space. Continue those paranormal hot spots or triggers that have been successful so far. It's also a great opportunity for everyone in the group to brainstorm any ideas. Remember you're the Primary Lead Investigator, leverage the strength of your team and allow them to share their thoughts and ideas.

All of these are all very important considerations to make when planning out your future investigation. I encourage you to really take a look at the space you're heading into, the strengths of your team, and comprise this very critical portion of your game plan going into the investigation.

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