"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  Socrates

In the following clip, while walking through a part of the asylum that had suffered a terrible fire, Laurissa had spotted an entity the naked eye. At the same time, Allen detects on the SLS an entity guarding a small room. He engages the entity and asks it if it will move away from the entry way. The entity then gives the signal it would be OK for us to enter the room by disappearing. At that point we enter the tiny room. Upon leaving the room Laurissa explains she feels the entity was a male who at one time lured boys into the space. We felt uncomfortable in the space and left quickly.

Kitchen Brawlers


          In this next clip, which was notably the most intense moment at the asylum, Laurissa encountered two of the nastiest and most deranged entities at the asylum. Upon entering what was once a kitchen you can hear Laurissa say she can hear screaming. What is interesting to note is that visitors to Trans-Allegheny often report hearing screaming in this room, however, Laurissa is unaware of this fact. Allen prompts Laurissa to take a seat at the rear of the room. Laurissa immediately reads the space to the rear of the chair which is another room with stalls. As Laurissa reads the space this is what she sees.


Laurissa’s note:

            As a psychic I read spaces with images in my mind mostly. In rare instances I see things as they are in front of my naked eyes. In this particular instance, the room behind the chair was dark and there was a fuzzy grayish glow around the edges. It is hard to describe how this looks to someone without psychic sight but in the room behind the chair and in the darkness I saw entities that looked like shadows that were attempting to emerge out of the grayish edges. It sort of looks like they are trying to detach or reach through another "dimension." It is very frightening. I didn’t want to sit with my back to the chair because I knew these entities would be to my rear. A good way to describe what I was seeing in this vision was another dimension because these shadows have no definitive features and they are not actually interacting on this level and I can sense their frustration about that. They “feel dark and cold and I had a very real fear of them. I could tell that a lot of the screaming that people could hear when they came into that space came from that area of the room as well. I didn't want to sit in the chair but I did so anyway. This part of what I do is extremely difficult because these types of entities can sense your fear and they feed off it. It is extremely dangerous as well as I am vulnerable to attack the more fear I have.

(End Note)

          At this point, Laurissa called the entities she wanted to interact with in the space forward being careful not to engage certain others. She could feel spirits come from different areas in the hospital. These two that came forward were female. They were not supposed to be in the space but they were present in that kitchen anyway.

The first one she saw was a taller female with short golden medium golden blonde hair in curls that had a bonnet type of tie up on her head. She had on an apron style dress with a candy stripe and white coloring and red lipstick. She was broader and manlier in physique. She was watching to the left of Laurissa as her counterpart took the lead on the harassment. Every now and then she would participate but most of her enjoyment was derived in her "friend" attacking Laurissa. The primary aggressor was an average height female with a more average build. She was slender stature and she had the same dated-style apron and garments on. She had dark wavy brown thick hair with bangs and smeared makeup all over her eyes and lips. She had big round dark brown eyes and a fuller face. The taller female was mid thirties to early forties. The other female was late twenties to early thirties but they kept switching between their death states and so it was hard to tell their ages very accurately. (Sometimes when entities want to purposely scare someone they present in their death states and these two were having fun doing this to Laurissa). 


           Both females were extremely aggressive. They screamed and yelled and were so loud and harassing it was hard to hear anything over their screaming. They shook their fists in her face and threatened violence repeatedly. They cackled and laughed. They were very violent in life and attacked and overran the kitchen at one time. 

The encounter was so intense Laurissa had to get up after only a short time. If you watch the movements of the entities they are actually making movements to the effects of what she describes.

    Letters Home

    The following footage was streamed live from the common areas of the main building where the doctors and nurses where congregate for tea and cards as well as innocent games of chess.  The entity Laurissa encountered was seemingly undeterred by our presence and continued to write in her journal.  She did turn to examine us and did continue to set the motion sensor of the music box off but mostly sat writing in her journal. 

    We followed up our session with the nurse by playing an innocent game of chess with a doctor who did take kindly to the challenge to a game of chess.

Furthermore, another nurse seemingly fixes flowers in the same space.  All in all the staff seems busy still keeping busy during their shifts.



          In the next clip you hear someone whistling to get our attention.  Claire-audience is the ability to hear psychically and it is very rare for everyone in the group to do it at the sane time.  In this case the entire group heard it and it was recorded on EVP.  The whistle also coincided with the milligaus of the Mel-meter measuring at 4.9 which is high.  

Creepy crawler


          In this clip we are preparing for a portal session after leaving a room where there were two young boys who perished. The story was that two boys died at the hands of one boy who stabbed one and then himself. The one victim crawled into the hallway before being found later by staff during rounds. What is interesting is that this entity stayed at our feet and hung at our ankles. Our meters stayed at orange.

Staff Lounge


          In this clip, the staff were congregating in the lounge when I walked in and they were interrupted and felt we were intruding upon them. They were not happy with us being in their space. They had a doctor with them as well. One of them walked clear through me and sent ice through me. Our K2 meters stayed between yellow and orange and our milligaus jumped as high as 11. Our temperature gauges and alarms rang signaling a temperature drop of more than 3 degrees. We registered cold spots on the thermal camera shown in the following pictures. This was an active area of the hospital. These entities definitely let us know this was a staff only area.

EVP ‘No”

          Here I am immediately drawn to a carriage I feel has an entity attached to it.  I cannot see the camera (obviously)  Samara and I are both standing directly in front of the seat and I am absolutely certain something is sitting in the seat and suddenly something maps briefly.  Then Samara asks if it will touch the antenna on the meter and you can hear an EVP (you MUST turn up the volume on your speaker or you won’t hear it) say “No.”  Then you hear another unintelligible whisper which sounds like it might be saying go away.  (Please fell free to comment on what you think it’s saying!!!)  Then Samara asks it to say its name and again it says “No.”  




Come and Play


          At 31:13 you can hear a whisper in the background that says “Come and play.” At 32:18 there is another whisper, “hey.” The girl in this room is named Lilly. She is the famed 9 year old girl who people pay homage to with toys of all sorts. She is known to like things that light up and to manipulate equipment like K2 meters and rem pods but she is not a fan of spirit boxes ad radios. While we had no luck with these items and did not try our luck with flash lights which were another recommendation we did get our fair share of EVPs and she did briefly show herself on the SLS on the top left side of the wall. At one point during the reading of the room Laurissa did say she felt Lilly was pacing the room from corner to corner. Lilly is not a fan of males and at one point when we asked if she wanted investigators Allen Rex and Austin Rex to leave the room Lilly was not shy about responding “sure” (40:57) on EVP.

Phasma Box Violent Males Ward

          The Phasma box is a form of ITC or Instrumental Trans-dimensional or Transcomunication. It is basically a fancy way of describing the use of ordinary communication devices such as radios for non typical means of communication; (actually these devices are being used for their intended purposes but the audiences are just not living and in this way they are atypically used).


          Because ghost boxes use radio waves they are regarded as more professional by paranormal researchers. Phasmaboxes, however, are not. There is a high level of controversy surrounding the use of this ITC device. However, just like with any ITC device, the setting and the message must be considered as spirits can manipulate anything and everything and as researchers we are able to distinguish objectively when we feel the message is authentic. In the sessions we post we find the messages to be credible.


          The following session was conducted in the violent males ward. Laurissa could not hear the questions as they were asked.


          In this session, at the end Allen asks if there is a message at which the response is “kill yourself.”

June 15th 1920


In this portal session, there is a connection made with a spirit who tells us his date of death is June 15th, 1920.

Nurse Beth/Bonnie


          As we walked around the fourth floor of the main building Laurissa encountered a petite nurse who was very friendly but stern. She was engaging and warm and wanted very much to have a conversation because she was lonely. She was older, about late sixties to early seventies. She was very fond of Austin and she seemed to follow him around. She conveyed to Laurissa she did not have children nor did she marry. She was lonely as she had lived her whole life devoted to that space and had died there. In the video you can see an entity that maps under Austin that seems to be a petite figure. Laurissa believes it is this nurse. During the portal session there is the name Beth or Bonnie that comes through. At 1:44:00 after we ask who we are there with we hear the name Austin. After Austin asks, “if you know who I am how old am I,” we hear “six” and then a short pause and then -”teen.”

Rehabilitation and Recovery


          As we walked through the basement of the building Laurissa started to see people in gowns walking. They were memories and repeats. Morel like residual haunts. Some of them were walking with nurses that had the old time hats ad white shoes and clip boards and the patients were wearing gowns and had scars on their heads. They were walking with poles and iv bags attached and looked like a scene straight out of a movie. The basement then opened up into a room with groups of people doing finger painting and people in small groups with easels. There were clay figures on other little tables. There were doctors talking with other patients. At this point Allen told Laurissa they were in the old rehabilitation and recovery area of the building where patients went post lobotomy. Another fact Laurissa did not know.

Orbital Orb


          In this segment Laurissa is sensing an entity surrounding her. The entity is enveloping her. It is trying to evade her sensing it. She is looking above her and if you follow her eyes and her head and listen to her closely she states she feels like it is above her. As she is looking around and saying this there is a ball of light also known as an orb that moves past her head coming from the top right of her head. It moves from her top right temple down past her right waist and then towards the middle of the right screen and disappears. Laurissa states she sees it with her naked eye. Allen claims to have also seen it with his eyes as well.

Thermal footage:


          These next clips are of the thermal readings in a room where we took pictures with the thermal camera. Please be advised there is some language to be considered in the footage. The thermal camera is often used to detect extreme variations in temperature. We are posting this as evidence of the room to show there were no SLS mappings in the space. We were walking through and the temperature was approximately 20 degrees but in one room there was a silhouette of an entity that mapped significantly colder than the surrounding space and in the shape of a human where one was not present. As you can see in the video there is no one in front of the camera. In the photos however, there are obviously anomalies.

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