The World's Largest Ghost Hunt in Collaboration with HSPP and the Waldorf Bring You a Paranormal Investigation into the Hell House LLC set!

About this event:

HSPP is happy to announce that on September 24th, National Ghost Hunting Day, we will be hosting a World's Largest Ghost Hunt event at The Waldorf Estate of Fear in Lehighton, PA!

This celebration will introduce the world to the paranormal investigation experience. Paranormal enthusiasts of all levels (especially the novice!) are invited to experience what a true and authentic ghost hunt offers.

Simultaneously taking place around the world, this event has been drawing thousands internationally to the spirit-seeking experience.

By participating live at the actual local event or via web live-streaming, thousands will witness our purpose, whose core centers around community service to historic preservation. In addition, it elicits public awareness for para-psychology studies and traditional techniques in evidence collection. With this, we strive to get more people engaged in the paranormal phenomenon industry.

To join in on the fun, follow the link below, click on buy tickets and select September 24th, then the time slot you would like to join us to see ticketing options.

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